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Yellow Metal

Access to funding in the construction and mining industry is often hard to come by. Securing credit for expansion or purchasing new equipment is a challenge for both large and small businesses. At InnoVent, we can design finance packages that meet the unique needs of your business and its cashflow.

Leasing Yellow Metal equipment makes a lot of sense. It does not require large sums of cash up front, making it easier to keep your cash flow under control. Payments are spread over the leasing term so that you can generate income to cover your costs.

When the lease is up, you can renew it and get an upgrade on the heavy equipment you need, giving you a much more permanent solution keeping your equipment up to date, improving your business efficiency and productivity.

As a vendor agnostic leasing partner, you can access any equipment you need from your suppliers of choice, matched with the best financial solution




As a result of the exorbitant costs of medical equipment, many of Kenya’s medical facilities have outdated equipment, much of which needs to be upgraded to newer technology. Hospitals and practices that own their machines often struggle to recover from the initial capital outlay and when the time comes to upgrade the equipment, they do not have the resources to do so. 

Therefore, leasing the equipment would be a viable alternative. Not only would the hospitals and practices benefit from regular refresh cycles, but they would now be in a position to get the equipment they need today at affordable, spread out payments. 

Leasing allows healthcare facilities to obtain the latest in new technology and equipment and use it in a cost-effective manner until they no longer need it or wish to upgrade. Not only does leasing help healthcare facilities keep up with changing technology, but it also offers multiple benefits when the leasing term comes to an end which includes upgrades, renewals, purchases, or returns.

With hi-tech medical equipment, the initial CAPEX investment can often be a deterrent. Leasing is the ideal solution to help healthcare providers stay within budget, beat inflation, and avoid having obsolete equipment.




Avoid the need for drastic and heavy investment of motor vehicles for your company by taking advantage of our asset leasing solutions. We will provide your company with affordable motor vehicle finance, which will easily fit into your budget. With our a simple solution, you can obtain vital assets for your business and pay for the investment over time.


We acquire the vehicles on your behalf and lease them out to you. Over the agreed period of the lease, you will be able to make full use of the assets, while you make quarterly installments. Leasing also allows our customers to easily upgrade their vehicles which have reached a certain age or mileage. 


Our upgrade facility allows for new vehicles to be added during the life of the lease or afterwards to ensure that you are always operating an updated and reliable fleet of vehicles.




Access to finance for certain specialised equipment can be difficult to obtain. The more specialised and specific an asset is, the harder it is to finance. With our leasing model however, you can acquire the much needed equipment today.


The substantial amount of investment required is why leasing is such an attractive option. It drives down the large upfront cost into manageable quarterly payments, making budget management easier and removing the need to pay out a large sum of capital outright.

With our 17 years experience in financing and managing a spectrum of equipment, we understand your specialized equipment needs and we can provide you with individually structured agreements for the desired equipment.

We can help your business to develop by providing you with new corporate assets, replacing any old equipment that is causing problems and slowing business down.

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