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Asset Tracking

V-Track™ is an accurate and affordable IT asset tracing solution that audits, tracks and monitors IT assets across the business units within the organisation.

With V-Track™, you can get a complete view of your entire organisations IT assets with valuable data collected and displayed on a web interface and presented as meaningful and useful information.


The ease of deployment of the V-Track™ cloud solution makes it great for any IT environment. We can take care of the hosting, storage and maintenance of your asset information on our cloud platform. All associated data is hosted on an external platform, providing more flexibility.

Due to use of advanced infrastructure and modern database technologies, our cloud solution’s performance is highly scalable, you will not be required to upgrade your hardware to ensure optimal performance.


We tailor our solution to ensure your IT Asset Management objectives are met. Our locally owned business model focuses on a collaborative approach with a proven track record.

Our goal is to provide value by ensuring that the data that is relevant and important to your business is added to

V-Track™ to provide you with a holistic view of your IT Assets.

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